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War Of Words Between Micheal Bisping And Charles McCarthy Heats Up

The war of words between Charles McCarthy and Micheal Bisping is heating up. McCarthy started the spat with the following comments made on YahooUK:

“I loved this fight when it was offered it to me. I really don’t think Bisping is anything at all, I don’t see anything he does well. He’s very, very average. I’m just not impressed or excited by anything he does. His wrestling isn’t good, his striking isn’t good, his BJJ isn’t good — he’s just an average fighter with a big name because the UFC is in England. I think he’s probably the most average fighter in the whole UFC who has a big name. I’ve watched his fights very closely. He hasn’t got that much talent or ability, but I will say he’s mentally a tough guy. He was put into some real tough situations in his fights against Elvis Sinosic and Eric Schafer and he battled out of them. He’s a tough guy with a reputation but I honestly don’t see anything in him.”

Here’s Bisping’s response via his personal blog:

I have read a couple of interviews from my upcoming opponent and I have to say I’m not impressed. He has said that I’m basically not a very good fighter. That I have no striking, no wrestling and no Jujitsu. He says that I don’t really offer any sort of threat He then goes on to say how he has the bestJujitsu in the middleweight division and no one can hang with him on the floor. lol.

I have had many opportunity’s to bad mouth Charles but have chosen not to and show some respect to my fellow competitor. After-all we have no history and it would be a classless move. I did not mention how he had in my opinion one of the worst fights Ive ever seen on the Ultimate Fighter, or how his striking is beyond poor and please don’t get me started on general athleticism.

When preparing for a fight you should watch footage of your opponents fights, to figure out there style and perhaps find holes in there game etc, but watching his fights was so painful I nearly fell asleep and have given up on that idea.

I suppose he is trying to convince himself that he does belong in there, and I imagine he thinks he is being clever, trying to play mind games and “get into my head”. Some people think if you get someone mad then they won’t perform as well

Congratulations Charles. You succeeded in pissing me off by not only disrespecting me, but all of my previous opponents. If you think that this is a good thing, wrong. You have made a big mistake by making this personal. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not someone to be messed around when I’m pissed.

So I will see you on the 19th when I will bring all of my ”averageness”. Just hope your ready for this mediocre fighter, because make no mistake my fat little friend, I’m ready for you!