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Interview with undefeated UFC Lightweight contender Frank Edgar

Tim Ngo: This is Tim Ngo from speaking with Frankie Edgar. The last time we spoke, you mentioned that Takanori Gomi was one of the best in the world, then it was rumored that you offered yourself up to be Gomi’s first opponent in the UFC. Can you tell us what happened?

Frank Edgar: Well actually, you know there were rumors going around that he was my next opponent. I knew it wasn’t true because the UFC didn’t say anything to me. I didn’t think that he was signed to the UFC, but I told my manager Steve Rivera to inquire about Gomi to see if he was available to fight. Like I thought, he wasn’t even signed to the UFC so nothing ever amassed

TN: Now that Gomi’s in World Victory Road, your focus shifts to Gray Maynard from the Xtreme Couture camp. How do you break down his fighting style?

FE: You know, Gray’s tough dude. He’s a hell of a wrestler, I think our styles are pretty similar you know? So it’s going to be an exciting fight for me, definitely different and I’m going to approach it a little differently than my last ones.

TN: It’s well known that wrestling is one of Gray’s strengths, are you going to test how good he is at wrestling, or are you going to keep it standing?

FE: You know, I don’t know man. I guess I know I don’t need to test his wrestling, I know it’s good. I don’t know how it’s going to go to tell you the truth, I’m sure he wants to stand a little bit I want to stand a little bit. I’m sure it’ll hit the mat some too so I’m expecting it to go everywhere.

TN: Do you think there’s any advice that Tyson Griffin can actually give Gray that would affect your chances in winning?

FE: Nah no more than anybody can give him you know what I’m saying? I think I’m a different fighter now, it’s been more than a year since I fought Tyson. I’m sure he’ll give him some pointers but I don’t know. I’m pretty simple, I don’t think there’s too many secrets anybody can give about me [laughs].

TN: How important do you think a fighter’s record is to their success? I mean if you look at Randy Couture, his record isn’t one of the most impressive records if you look at it from top to bottom but he’s considered one of the best of all time. Is your record something you take a lot into account?

FE: Yeah I mean I guess it kind of goes hand in hand you know. I don’t want to lose so of course I want to have an undefeated record just because I don’t want to lose but if losses come, they come. You just have to deal with them as they come.

TN: If you had to pick right now, what would you be more afraid of your first loss or just losing in general?

FE: Uh losing in general man, you know you can’t really sit there and worry about the first one. You just have to worry about training for your fights and approaching your fights and trying to get the W’s. You know sometimes people say it’s inevitable but I’m trying to push it back as far as I can [laughs].

TN: When you’re fighting on a stacked card like the one that you are on April 2nd, do you ever actually watch the fights before yours? Or are you completely focused on your own fight?

FE: Yeah I’m pretty focused on my fight. I just stay in the back until my fight. You know you can’t really focus too well when you’re watching other fights. So I pretty much just hang out in the back and get mentally prepared and ready to go, after my fight I can relax and enjoy some of the other fights.

TN: What about the main event fight on your card, which is the Kenny Florian/Joe Lauzon match-up?

FE: It’s a toss-up. If I’m going to have to pick someone I guess I’ll go with Florian just cause of experience but Lauzon’s best bet is to get Florian on his back you know. Lauzon has pretty good top position so we’ll see if he can do that. If he can do that, that’s his best bet. If not, I mean I guess it’ll go Florian’s way a little easier.

TN: Who do you think wins between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard?

FE: Uh you know I gotta go with the kid from Jersey [laughs].

TN: Alright cool [laughs], any final things you want to say before we let you go?

FE: Nah, just don’t forget to tune in on April 2nd.

TN: One last thing Frankie, I need you to do us a favor on We got a bad streak that we want to break. We’re 0-2 when interviewing fighters before an upcoming fight. Is there anyway that you can break this streak for us?

FE: Hey I’ll do my best [laughs]. I’ll do my best.

We’d like to thank Frank Edgar to speaking to us before his upcoming fight with Gray Maynard at Ultimate Fight Night 13 on April 2nd. Please make sure you check out for all of the latest news and sponsors.