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Yamma Pit Fighting Updates Fight Card, Updates fans on fighting surface

Yamma Pit Fighting, the latest in a series of new MMA promotions, have updated their first event that is to take place on April 11th. YPF had announced that they were also to change how the fight was to be fought, and that was also announced today as well.

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez has been added to the 8 man tournament, while Mark Kerr will be facing Oleg Taktarov in the “Masters Superfight”. The other superfight has former UFC, Pride and K1 veteran Gary Goodridge taken on “Butterbean”. The Superfights will consist of 2 5-minute rounds, while the tournament while be 1 5-minute round with the final being a 3 round fight for 5 minutes each.

“The YPF surface, known as “The Yamma,” is an evolution of the traditional fighting structure and is designed to keep the fighting more explosive and continuous. In today’s MMA matches, fighters rush their opponents in the quest for a takedown, and the fight often ends up on the ground and pushed up against the fence. The action often stalls there, and must be stopped and moved back into the center of the ring. The Yamma’s design is specifically aimed at stopping this break in the action. The Yamma is a circular pit, shaped almost like a bowl, with a circular flat bottom that rises up around the edge. In this ring, if a fighter is pushed backwards towards the fence, he moves up the lip, gaining both a height and leverage advantage over his opponent. From this position, the fighter on the lip can use gravity and leverage to reverse his opponent, and take the fight back into the center without a break in the action.
“There has been a lot of speculation about the Yamma; some people thought it would have a moving floor, spikes or even live alligators,” said Bob Meyrowitz, Rope Partners. “But the Yamma isn’t about flashy gimmicks; it’s about the evolution of a sport and how the traditional ring can be altered to accelerate that evolution. At its core, the purpose of the Yamma is to make MMA fighting more exciting for those who matter most – the fans.”

“The Yamma’s design is all about function,” said Scott Nagel, lead designer of the Yamma. “It works because of its sloped up edges and because there are no corners. If you are pushed back, you are pushed up – and what goes up is coming back down, probably in a way that causes the opponent a great deal of pain. It’s going to be much more exciting, much more continuous and have much more action.””