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Chuck Liddell Talks Kimbo Slice

Chuck Liddell recently spoke with the The Sun about Kimbo Slice. Here are some of the highlights from their conversation:

Liddell On Kimbo’s KO of Bo Cantrell:

When Kimbo fought Cantrell, that was the third time he’s been knocked out in under 30 seconds…the THIRD time! So is that a real fight? I mean come on! The guy tapped before he hit the matt – he was tapping on the way down!”

Liddell On How Kimbo Would Do In The UFC:

Gannon beat him didn’t he? And how long did Gannon last in the UFC?!! Kimbo’s one of those guys who doesn’t have any ground game. He’s training and he’s learning but he’s been built up as such a big star and that’s the thing that bothers me. People talk about him like he’s the next great thing when he really hasn’t done anything. He’s been built up because of the Internet and him beating a bunch of guys on the street.”

Liddell On Street Fighting:

I could make some impressive knockout videos too if you let me walk outside and just punch people and knock them out – “hey you, come fight! F***, we can make a highlight reel tomorrow and go round beating people up and talk about it – we could just go up to people and start dropping them – wow!”