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Wanderlei Silva Responds To Comments Made By Rampage Jackson

The following is provided courtesy of Wanderlei Silva’s official blog:

“i’m always watching out for the comments here (in the blog) and in PVT ( for my surprise i saw that someone changed my nickname from Axe Murderer to Chump Murderer, but what i have to say is that the nickname is only aplied to one person because the only chump i fought was Quinton (Jackson). That’s old history: “who beat forgets and but who get his ass kicked wants revenge”. what i have to say is that this fight is gonna happen again soon, but IS GONNA BE HARD TO HANG HIM ON THE FENCES. i think it’s strange for him to talk like this on the internet because he had a lot of oportunities to talk this to my face when we met in vegas. He said that i dont look to him eye-to-eye, off course I don’t! I don’t like him, i really dont! I think he’s a chump and a idiot. We cant forget to say that he is a tough fighter but i think that fight can happen sooner than everybody imagine, cuz i dont know if he can win his fight against Forrest.”