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Rampage Jackson Fires Back At Wanderlei Silva

Percy Crawford of is reporting that UFC Light heavyweight champion Quinton Rampage Jackson had some choice words for Wanderlei Silva. Silva responded to Rampage’s earlier comments that Silva was a “Chump Murderer” in his blog, reminding Rampage and the fans that Rampage was the one brutally knocked out in both their fights.

Jackson called in to say that, “Wanderlei thinks everyone is scared of him, and I’m not!” Jackson continued to blast the Axe Murderer by saying, “Ask Wanderlei what the referee is going to do when he doesn’t stand us up, when I’m whoopin’ his ass on the ground, like they did in Japan? He’s going to have a tough time hanging me over the cage (laughing) This dude is stupid. I hope they do stand us up in the Octagon and we’ll see what happens.”

It looks as though a rematch could be possible if Wanderlei gets past Keith Jardine and Jackson loses his upcoming title fight to Forrest Griffin. While Rampage has beaten Chuck Liddell and Dan Henderson, two men that dominated Silva, it seems that Silva may have Rampages’ number as he has beat him in devastating fashion in their previous two fights.