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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson On Forrest Griffin And Wanderlei Silva

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson addresses recent rumors of mudslinging between himself and UFC fighters Forrest Griffin and Wanderlei Silva via

I ain’t talking bad about nobody. I didn’t call him ‘Forrest Weakchin.’ If anything, I said I’m fighting Forrest Whitaker. I didn’t call Wanderlei the ‘Chump Murderer.’ I ain’t never said nothing like that. That is kind of disrespectful. I just said he was fighting chumps. If people want to put words in my mouth, they need to grow the hell up … tell the fans out there that want to nitpick bout every lil’ thang somebody say that I’m the type of fighter that is going to jump around and have fun with the sport; I’m not like these other fighters. I respect every fighter that gets in that cage. If somebody said something about me like that, I wouldn’t even get mad; it’s good. It helps hype up the fight. We in the fight business and we want people to go and buy the fight. I like Forrest, but I ain’t got to talk sweet to him and hug up on him every time I see him. I can say whatever I want. I am in America and part of being in America is that we have freedom of speech, but I did not say Forrest Weakchin and Wanderlei Chump Murderer. I did not say those words, but I said along the lines that Forrest probably does … I know inside stuff that people don’t know. I know Forrest gets knocked out at practice sometimes; I know Jardine knocked him out real quick and I know my boy ‘Sick Dog’ almost knocked him out and he wasn’t really even punching…. In what I do, we call that a weak chin. You can tell the fans I lost respect for them because they nitpicking about every damn thang. People always trying to find something to hate on me about. Tell all of the fans that Rampage … at the end of the message, tell all of the fans that nitpick about every lil’ damn thing we do to grow the hell up.

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