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Nick Diaz Pulled From Strikeforce Card In CSAC Blunder

Pro Elite promoter Gary Shaw has called out CSAC Comissioner, Armando Garcia, for what he termed “an abuse of power” over his decision to remove Nick Diaz from this Saturday’s Strikeforce card.

The commissioners reason for removing Diaz? Diaz admitted to being a Cannabis Club Member, a legal user of marijuana for medical purposes. Diaz has a prescription for medical marijuana and was advised by CSAC doctors to present his Cannabis Club card so that there would be no issues with a possible positive test. Diaz stated to Gracie Fighter that he was prepared to take and pass a test, but was not given one. Instead he was summarily denied the right to fight.

“This is like a cop giving you a ticket for owning a Ferrari even though he did not catch you speeding,” Shaw told Gracie