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Matt Serra Has Choice Words For Georges St. Pierre

Matt Serra recently caught up with Setanta to discuss the lack of respect he feels from Georges St. Pierre and the rest of the MMA world after knocking St. Pierre out last year.

Serra, the champion, is the underdog to St. Pierre coming into the fight and feels somewhat disrespected at the prospect of having to travel to St. Pierre’s hometown to face the popular French-Canadian. He’s also stated his displeasure at MMA insiders and fans who called his 1st round KO of St. Pierre lucky.

Serra On the “Lucky Punch”:

What is a ‘lucky punch’? Who do these people think I was trying to punch in the face if not Georges? Seriously – where did the luck come into it? I got him hurt and didn’t let him off the hook. Seriously, you tell me, if you aim at something, and then hit it time and time again, was it luck or did you just do what you were trying to do?

Serra On Dominating St. Pierre:

Looking back at my losses – who dominated me? Who kicked my ass? No-one. I’ve never got beat like I beat GSP. All my losses were close or I was winning the fight and got caught. I took my licks and came back better, no excuses, I came back.

Serra On The Lack Of Respect He’s Received From St. Pierre:

After being respectful after the fight, GSP then started making all these excuses…he wasn’t ready, he wasn’t in shape, his training, his personal life. That’s when I had to say ‘Hey, give me my respect’. He then did give me my respect but now we’re fighting again.

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