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Mark Cuban Talks HDNet Fights, Fedor, Randy Couture, And Much More

Mark Cuban recently responded via email to our good friends over at to discuss his entry into MMA promotion and a variety of other issues. Below are some of the highlights of that correspondence:

Cuban On Co-Promoting With Other Big Name Promotions:

Pretty much everyone works [with] each other except for the UFC. It’s only been the last year where other promoters have been a threat, and HDNet has only been in the mix six months. Over an extended period of time, I think the UFC’s PPV partners will push them to partner up in order to get the best fights. That is the UFC’s Achilles. If they can’t maintain PPV buy levels and number of fights, they will have to make adjustments.

Cuban On HDNet’s strategy concerning putting together exclusive events:

[We will do this]only when we can put together amazing cards. We won’t promote just to promote. We can be far more effective partnering and placing fighters on cards and helping fighters to build a fan base across promoters.

Cuban On MMA PPV Events:

We have more free live events than every other network combined. We think that fans shouldn’t have to pay 50 dollars plus every month to see great fights. Free is the future of MMA. Only the best three or four fights per year should be PPV.

Cuban On MMA’s responsibility to curb street fighting and violence in general:

Do [you] want us to stop third graders from picking their noses as well? We are not role models.

Cuban On Marketing MMA:

The net doesn’t need promotion [and] neither does MMA. It’s a sport that’s viral in nature. It will grow because its fun to watch. What does need to happen is for casual viewers to become better educated about the sport. That turns them into hardcore viewers. That is something we are building into our programming on weekends and when we do promote MMA, it’s not about knockouts, it’s promoting the strategy and athleticism involved.

Cuban On Reports That Kurt Angle Will Face Randy Couture In A Grappling Match Later This Year:

They are trying to make it happen and it will be on HDNet.

Cuban On Fedor:

He is amazing. Kind of the Charles Barkley of MMA. Doesn’t look like much, but he is a star. I have incredible respect for Fedor. He not only is a great fighter, but he stands by his principles and values. That alone is admirable.

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