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Gary Shaw Eyes UFC Talent

According to the Dayton Daily News, EliteXC President Gary Shaw is counting on his first prime time CBS event, airing in May, to net potential blockbuster talent from the UFC in the near future. If the event is a success look for this possibility to become a reality.

“This is the single biggest thing that I think will ever happen to any fighter or to MMA — to have the ability to be seen by over 100 million eyeballs,” Show told the Dayton Daily News.

If the May event reaches just a small percentage of that number it will shatter anything the UFC has done up to this point in terms of viewership. It will also offer MMA stars a tantalizing alternative to the UFC due to that fact that most fighters make their “real” money in endorsements and sponsorships which are directly fueled by exposure. And once signed Gary Shaw believes fighters will stay with his organization because of the way they do business.

“Nobody has ever left us because we treat every fighter, whether they have a belt or don’t, like a champion that they are,” Shaw said. “So if you fight for EliteXC, believe me, you get treated like a royal prince.”