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Cro Cop On A Future Return To The UFC

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic recently left the UFC, after two consecutive defeats, to go back to Japan and retool his game. His goal is to work on his boxing and overall strength while fighting for “Dream” before coming back to the UFC for a shot at redemption. Cro Cop recently sat down with to discuss his current situation and his plans for the future. Below are some of the highlights of that conversation.

Cro Cop On His Noticeable Gain In Muscle Mass:

Gaining muscle mass was a 6 months process and I did it primarily to increase my raw strength.

Cro Cop On His Next DREAM opponent:

DREAM has mentioned several names for my next fight, it appears that my next opponent could be someone from K1. If it’s LeBanner, that will be a big fight that I’m looking forward to.

Cro Cop On Recent Bad Publicity Regarding His Abilities:

I don’t think about this, my job is to fight and to do the best I can. Everyone can have an opinion, but in order to have a complete picture about this sport, people should try it themselves. A low motivation is a major problem for a fighter, and opinions like this are actually very motivating.

Cro Cop On Returning To The UFC:

It’s just another lesson for me. The UFC has some great fighters and the game is very different. The cage makes a difference too, but I’m looking forward to my return to the cage as I want to prove that I can be successful in it.