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Matt Serra Talks About His Underdog Status

Matt Serra is set face Georges St. Pierre on Apr 19 in Montreal. Serra is the underdog going into the fight despite scoring a first round KO against St. Pierre when the two men met last year. The fact that he’s an underdog hasn’t been lost on Serra who sat down with to discuss the situation.

Serra On Being Overlooked:

People were already talking about the next fight, who is GSP gonna fight next? They weren’t talking about me. They were talking about me having a rematch with Matt Hughes in Canada or wherever.

Serra On Facing The Hostile Canadian Crowd:

I put a smile on my face when I hear the crowd reaction. I’m not gonna be playing a violin that they don’t like me or respect me enough. People ask me ‘what if you lose the belt?’. Dude, you’re looking at the guy who wasn’t even supposed to board the plane to get the belt.

Serra On The Outcome Of The Fight:

I’m not going in there planning on doing anything less than beating him. Dude look what happened. Keep doubting me and see what happens. I believe there is no pressure on me going into this fight. They want it in Canada, cool, let it happen. This is a historic event and I’m a part of it – I’m the main event.

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