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Bobby Lashley Vs. Kimbo Slice? has learned that Bobby Lashley’s management team has been throwing his name around to MMA groups including UFC and EliteXC. Bobby Lashley vs. Kimbo Slice is one fight that has been considered.

UFC isn’t too hot on Lashley, with Lesnar’s huge debut still fresh in everyone’s memory. It’s said they don’t want it to look like they’re repeating the same gimmicks and recruiting guys from pro wrestling.

Lashley might just end up making more money with TNA Wrestling than any MMA promotion right now, and the #2 wrestling company in the world is still considered an option for him. Kurt Angle has been pushing hard for him to come to TNA Wrestling and has assured him he has a job if he wants it.

He must have really hated WWE to walk away from seven figures a year.