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Kurt Angle Admits He’s Not Ready For MMA Just Yet is featuring an interview recap with TNA World Champion Kurt Angle on TAGG Radio.

During the interview, Angle again addressed the issue of getting into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and why he isn’t ready for it physically at this time.

Angle added quote, “I’ve always wanted to do (MMA), from after the Olympics, and I just never got the shot. I’ve been keeping myself in really, really good shape, but not in the fighting shape you have to be in to go into MMA. I don’t want (you) to misunderstand me. When I say I am in shape, I am in no shape at all right now to go into an octagon or on a platform and have a fight with Randy Couture or Chuck Liddell or ‘Rampage’ Jackson or Brock Lesnar or whoever it is. Right now I cannot.”