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Dana White Interview With NBC Sports

Dana White recently caught up with NBC Sports to discuss his apparent rift with heavyweight superstar Andrei Arlovski. He had the following to say about the situation:

“Andrei Arlovski is a guy that I have a ton of respect for. He’s been with us his entire career. One of the things I say about this too, we’ve been building this buisness and this thing grows so fast…the UFC is a speeding train and we’re not driving it. We’re on the tracks trying to get the (explitive) out of the way. That’s how fast this thing is growing. And through this I’ve made some mistakes, you know. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’m gonna make a lot more, but one of them is, Andrei feels that I haven’t treated him right.

You know, he hasn’t felt the love. Which sucks because that’s my job and I didn’t do it right, and I’m trying to fix it. I’m trying to fix my problem with Andrei. We’re not throwing Andrei on the undercard because we think he could leave. If that was the case believe me, I’d have Tito fighting at (explitive) 1:00 in the afternoon…the prelims don’t start until 5:15.”