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Tito Ortiz: "I’m a very smart business man. I’m done being taken advantage of."

In a recent interview conducted by, Tito Ortiz blasted Dana White and confirmed that he planned to fight for three more years outside of the UFC. Below are some of the highlights of the interview.

Ortiz On His Relationship With The UFC:

I’m done with the UFC. I’m done being taken advantage of. I’m done with being disrespected. I’ve been in the sport 11 years and gave them a third of my life and they give me no respect.

Ortiz On Dana White:

The president, Dana White, is full of himself but his biggest victim is himself. I think he’s going to be the person who ruins the company. He treats fighters really horribly and the fighters who have problems in the United States are the ones he takes advantage of. I’m a very smart businessman and I’ll never be taken advantage of by the UFC ever again.

Ortiz On His Plans For The Future:

I’m not retiring, I’ll be fighting for at least another three years.