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Mauricio "Shogun" Rua: "I’ll be back likely in August."

Maurício Shogun Rua is planning to undergo surgery this Saturday, March 8th. He suffered an injury during the training at UFL Academy.

“I’m calm,” said Rua. “I have to operate, there is no other way. I hope Chuck waits for me (laughs)”

Asked how he injured the knee, Rua responded, “I did shit. I was hurt helping a friend in the training. He was running and I held him by the waist and forced my knee.” Shogun said.

Also, the former Pride Champion stated that he is surprised with his substitute, Rashad Evans. Despite Evans stature here in the US and his undefeated status in the octagon, the Brazilian fighter doesn’t know who he is.

Rua is confident about his return to the octagon, “I’ll be back likely in August.”

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