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Butterbean: "I would love to fight Kimbo Slice."

Eric Scott “Butterbean” Esch is a professional Super-Heavyweight boxer, kickboxer and mixed martial artist. Butterbean came to prominance in the early to mid 90’s winning numberous “toughman” amature boxing competitions. He grew in stature mainly due to the unique nature of his own stature. He stands 5’11” tall and weighs 398 pounds. His professional fight record including boxing and MMA stands at an impressive 90-14-5. Esch began competing in MMA in 2003 and has a professional MMA record of 18-6. He recently sat down with Fight Talk to discuss his future plans and his desire to take on Kimbo Slice

Butterbean On Kimbo:

I would love to fight Kimbo Slice, a good friend of mine is training him. I would love to fight him, Kimbo came out and stood up with Tank Abbott and knocked him out, but he wouldn’t do that with me. It would be a heck of a fight, but I would knock out Kimbo Slice before the fight got too far though.

Butterbean On Kimbo’s power:

From what I seen against Tank Abbott he doesn’t have the power to knock me out. MMA guys don’t hit as hard as full fledged boxers do. Kimbo don’t hit no where’s near as hard I do.

Butterbean On Whether He’d Get The KO vs. Kimbo Or Not:

Without a doubt. His people need to say, “Butterbean, do you want to fight Kimbo?” and BAM it’s done. I got a backyard, come on Kimbo it doesn’t matter to me. Hey Kimbo Slice, I got a backyard. I even got a side yard that we can put people in to watch the fight. If you want to do it from the yard, we’ll do it there. PPV from Bean’s backyard. I’ll go to his yard too, I don’t care. Here’s a headline, BEAN KNOCKS OUT KIMBO IN THE BACK YARD!