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Maryland State Athletic Commission given approval to oversee MMA

We reported back on February 2nd that Dr. Kirill Reznik is working on getting Mixed Martial Arts sanctioned in the state of Maryland. Now it looks like he’s one step closer to getting the job done as was reported earlier today by the Baltimore Sun.

Mixed Martial Arts is currently sanctioned in 32 of the 50 states in American at this point in time. With the sport itself now becoming “mainstream”, it would only make sense that the sport be allowed within the states where fighters currently train.

Kirill Reznik isn’t the only person in Maryland trying to get the sport sanctioned though, trainers and managers are working hand in hand with the Democratic Delegate to help keep the fighters that they train fight closer to home.

The senate committee in Maryland announced today that they will approve the state’s athletic commission to oversee the sport. Granted this is only one step towards getting sanctioned, but it’s a big step forward.