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Silva Discloses Plans: Possible Boxing match, Possible Move to Welterweight Division

Anderson Silva is amazing. At 4:52 of the second round he solidified his place atop the middleweight division along with providing fodder for any pound for pound debate, with a decisive win over “Dangerous” Dan Henderson.

Silva, as expected, related in an interview with his elation over his victory and doted over his fallen foe. Silva then disclosed two possible courses of action, as he has essentially cleaned out the UFC Middleweight division with exception of a rematch with Yushin Okami.

“Spider” expressed desire to match up with any 185 lb. professional boxer, taking offense to a perceived lack of respect of MMA striker’s ability on the part of representatives of the “sweet science.”

Silva also gave every MMA fan reason to salivate with an intimation of a possible move to the welterweight division. A move which could set up a possible fight between the esteemed Brazilian striker and Canadian Ace, Georges St. Pierre.