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TKO 32 Quick Match Results

Main Card:

Brian Gassaway (31-17-2) vs. Jose-Landis Jons AKA Pele (23-13-0)
Winner by TKO due to injury at 0:50 in Round 2, Brian Gassaway. Pele broke his leg at the calf. It was flopping, pretty nasty.

T.J. Grant (9-1-0) vs. Jesse Bongfeldt (14-3-0)
Winner by arm bar at 2:52 in Round 3, AND STILL Welterweight Champion, Jesse Bongfeldt. Jesse was getting beat for 2 and 1/2 rounds before pulling off the submission.

Derek “??War Machine” Gauthier (2-0-0) vs. Yannick “The Viking” ??Galipeau (1-0-0)
Winner by submission at 2:44 of Round 1, Derek Gauthier

Jordan Mein (7-4-0) vs. Samuel Guillet (5-4-0)
Winner by kimura submission at 4:05 of Round 2, Samuel Guillet.

Daniel Ferguson (4-1-0) vs. Stephane “Simba” ??Vigneault (9-5-0)
Winner by TKO at 1:27 in Round 2, Stephane Vigneault.

Justin “??Houdini” Tavernini (10-7-0) vs. Guillaume “Showman”?? Lamarche (2-1-0)
Winner: (28-29, 29-28, 30-27) by Split Decision Guillaume Lamarche. Team Bergeron is now 3-0

Syd “Bad Intentions” Barnier (1-1-0) vs. Adrian “??The Bully” ??Wooley (3-0-0)
Winner by TKO at 4:57 is Adrian Wooley.

Johan “The Bulldozer” Croes (making his debut) vs. Mark “The Panther” Fraser (1-3-1)
Winner by TKO at 0:34 of Round 2, Johan Croes

Tyler “TNT” Jackson (8-4-1) loss vs. Jeff Harrison (1-0-0)
Winner by guillotine at 0:19 of Round 3, Jeff Harrison.

Preliminary Bouts:

Scott Wright (1-0-0) vs. “Big” Ben Gallant (1-0-0)
Winner by TKO at 2:27 in Round 1, Big Ben Gallant.

Tim Wadsworth (1-0-0) vs. Brad “Bad” Duguay (1-2-0)
Winner by TKO at 3:32 in Round 1, Tim Wadsworth

Vladimir Victor vs. Christopher Hulme, both fighters are making their debut
Winner: Christopher Hulme at 3:24 in Round 1