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Exclusive Interview: Cheik Kongo

Cheick Kongo is on the fast track to heavyweight stardom after his upset victory against highly regarded Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic. Kongo is now set to face Heath Herring at UFC 82 and took time out to speak with our exclusive content parters, Planet Tatami.

Planet Tatami: What will be your strategy to beat Herring?

Cheick Kongo: To do the things that I usually do and don’t ask for
more, I won’t tell you anything! Just be there on March, 1 at UFC 82
and you will see what I plan.

Planet Tatami: If you win that fight, do you think you deserve a
chance for the championship?

Cheick Kongo: I will have earned a chance for the title, I’ve trained hard for so many
years and I succeed so … I deserve it, don’t I?

Planet Tatami: What do you think about Brock Lesnar?

Cheick Kongo: He’s a tough guy.

Planet Tatami: Do you think he can be a problem in the heavyweight division?

Cheick Kongo: Yes he can, he’s huge and his wrestling is good.

Planet Tatami: A lot of people say that the UFC’s heavyweight division
is the ‘easiest’ division in the UFC. What do you think about that?

Cheick Kongo: Until you’ve fought and defeated just one of the UFC
heavyweight top ten contenders, only until then, you don’t even know
nothing about that. Nothing. Let them all talk…

Planet Tatami: After your fight against Cro Cop, most of the MMA
rankings put you in the Top 10. What do you think about that?

Cheick Kongo: I was so surprised, I never thought it would, but it
happened to me. It looks good on the paper (laughs).

Planet Tatami: Who do you train with and what’s your team?

Cheick Kongo: Right now, I’m training with Coach Juanito Ibarra at
Rampage’s camp.

Planet Tatami: What do you think about Sylvia vs. Nogueira?

Cheick Kongo: It was an exciting fight. Nogueira was better this time
and he won.

Planet Tatami: What are the holes in your game? Are you training to correct it?

Cheick Kongo: I train hard as usual, my preparation is really
effective. I improve my skills and train on my techniques to develop
and strengthen them as much as I train to correct my weaknesses in
each discipline.

Planet Tatami: Do want to face one fighter specially?

Cheick Kongo: No preference. I never choose my opponents. I have to
fight and show that I can win the UFC belt, no matter against whom.

Planet Tatami: Tell us what’s your routine of training.

Cheick Kongo: I work out 5 to 6 days a week, 3 to 4 times a day. I do
running, lift weights, technics, boxing, sparring …

Planet Tatami: Feel free to send your messages for your fans…

Cheick Kongo: Thank you! Many thanks to my family, friends, our
training partners and French training partners from the US Metro,
Peruba Team &, Quoniam Gym, to my coach Juanito, to my sponsors Groove
Drink & Strange and all my fans out there for their unbelievable
support from day one. I truly appreciate all the love & unconditional
support you give me! And If you want to find out more about me, just
check out my website at :