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Semmy Schilt On Dana White: "I think it’s a very American way to provoke guys."

Rumors of a Semmy Schilt/Fedor Emelianenko rematch have circulated in MMA circles for weeks. K-1 World GP Champion Semmy Schilt recently sat down with M-1 Mixfight to address these rumours and a variety of other topics as well. Below are some highlights from their conversation:

Schilt On His MMA Plans:

There are no negotiations going on now. I have a contract with K-1 which also cooperates with Hero’s (from now on DREAM) and M-1 Global I believe. Maybe there are some options so that I could participate there. Also I had a fight in Serbia which was a good experience.

Schilt On A Rematch With Fedor:

Well, I don’t believe in a rematch. The match has happened long time ago, you know. I had a good fight with Fedor. I lost on points and it’s too bad. Well, I think he was the rightful winner at that moment. Maybe down the road if we fight again it’s going to be different. And for me, personally, it’s not going to be a rematch, it’s going to be a real fight again. What’s done is done. I’m not too much into chasing the best. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen

Schilt On Who He Considers To Be The Best MMA Fighters:

In heavyweight I think it’s Fedor. They say a lot about the UFC, about Randy Couture and now Nogueira but I think it’s Fedor, Nogueira, Barnett, then there’s Kharitonov but these are the contenders from Pride. Then, of course, you got Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture. But it’s all about the politics, what side you are on and what you gained the most by winning from who.

Schilt On Statements Made By Dana White That Fedor Emelianenko Is Not A Top 5 Heavyweight.

I think it’s a very American way to provoke guys. Fedor beat Coleman who didn’t have any chance; but even Nogueira didn’t have a chance. The fact that Fedor takes it easy now; I can’t blame him. You have to think about your body, not only about the money.

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