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Michael Bisping: "I think I can challenge for the middleweight title"

The Sun recently spoke with Michael Bisping about his move from Light Heavyweight to Middleweight. The former Ultimate Fighter Season 3 champion always knew that he was a small Light Heavyweight, but wanted to stay at the weight until he lost. “I like fighting the bigger guys and I was beating them, and beating them soundly to be honest”, Bisping told The Sun. “The Count” is confident about how well he’ll do in the Middleweight division because now he thinks he has the size advantage over other Middleweights.

Bisping went on to say, “I definitely feel I’m a contender already”.

He could be right though, because if Silva can get passed Henderson and that’s a BIG if, then there isn’t a long list of Middleweights waiting for him. Evan Tanner would be there if he beats Okami, but that’s basically it.

In comes Bisping if he can string together a couple of wins, he’ll most certainly propel himself into the title picture.