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BJ Penn On Sean Sherk: "The guy was cheating, trying to steal somebody else’s dream."

BJ Penn is set to face Sean Sherk at UFC 85 in a highly anticipated battle for supremacy in the UFC’s lightweight division. Penn and Sherk have engaged in a very personal war of words over Sherk’s apparent steroid use and have publicly expressed their personal distaste for one another. MMAWeekly recently caught up with BJ Penn to discuss his thoughts on his upcoming fight with Sherk, his training, and get his take on steroids use.

Penn On His Training:

I took a week off, and then I came back and I trained for a week, and then I trained half of last week, and now I’m back in the gym and I’m just training full speed. I’m going to go in there and show this man of cardio what cardio really is.

Penn On His Verbal Spat With Sean Sherk:

For me, honestly, it’s not personal at all. The man was cheating. I called him a cheater; then he got all personal. So I think all the personal stuff is on him. He said this is the first time a fight’s personal and this and that and whatever. I couldn’t care less. I’m just going to go kick his ass. How can you sit around saying you’re the champ, say the other guy’s the fake champ, and you got busted for (steroids)? We knew he was doing ’roids the whole time, and all this stuff, and about it’s nothing personal, he went and made it all personal. I was calling a spade, a spade. I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, Sean Sherk is doing something illegal!’ I could care less about that. The guy was cheating, trying to steal somebody else’s dream, and that’s where it’s just a joke.

Penn On Performance Enhancing Drugs:

Everybody has questioned my heart, questioned my training ethics, this and that, but I never did something as cowardly as to take any sports enhancement drug. That’s one thing no one can ever say about me, you know? That I was a coward and took sports enhancement drugs, because I was afraid I was going to get my ass kicked in front of millions of people. So anybody out there who said I never had no heart, at least I wasn’t a coward.

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