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Houston Alexander Discusses His Upcoming Fight, More

Houston “The Assassin” Alexander was the guest on the most recent edition of PWB’s Official Podcast with Lex and Ian, located at In an unfiltered interview, the “Nebraskan Assassin” addressed several topics:

On his upcoming fight with James Irvin at UFC Fight Night 13:

“He looks very athletic, a guy that looks like he likes to punch, and he has great flying knees, something I can appreciate. I think he’ll be a hard guy to get down.”

On a potential rematch with Thiago Silva:

“I think it would be a totally different outcome if I actually fought my game…it’s almost like I gave that fight away.”

On a potential UFC ranking system:

“On any given day, anyone can get beat. Case in point, Jardine was ranked, what, fourth, supposedly? I don’t think ‘fourth’ helped him in that match. Ranking systems are there for the people who actually want to see stats, but if you’re a real fighter, you really don’t pay attention to that stuff.”

For the full interview, including Houston’s thoughts on Brock Lesnar, his fight against Keith Jardine and his training regimen, check out, or search “pwb podcast” on ITunes and subscribe today.

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