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The Ultimate Fedor? M-1 creating reality series to find Fedor’s next opponent

M1MixFight has a video up on their website that shows M-1 Global’s new “project”. In a strange turn of events it looks like M-1 is going to be recording a reality TV series in St. Petersburg, Russia at the Red Devil Fight Club where 16 young Heavyweight fighters will compete to become Fedor Emelianenko’s next opponent. According to the video, “16 fighters will travel to St. Petersberg, Russia’s Red Devil Fight Club.” This sounds like a very interesting show that’ll be sure to gain the attention of HDNet, hopefully they’ll broadcast the show so that American fans can get to see what Fedor is like.

From what we could gather from the video, it looks like the 16 fighters will actually be training alongside Fedor so it’ll definitely be very interesting that Fedor would allow a possible opponent to see some of his training methods.

This marks the first time that American cameras will be allowed into the Red Devil Fight Club, which is the camp that Fedor Emelianenko trains at.

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