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Kurt Angle’s Wife On Angle vs. Lesnar: "He would absolutely kick his ass." took part in a TNA Wrestling conference today with Karen Angle, the wife of Kurt Angle. She noted that Kurt was in the best shape of his life these days and was seriously interested in making his MMA debut. She brought up a story about a match up between Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle when they were both in WWE, apparently they had a ‘shoot-type match’ during the afternoon prior to a live show and Kurt was able to take him down time after time in flip-flops.

When she was asked if Kurt could defeat Brock in an MMA match, she stated “He would absolutely kick his ass. Absolutely kick his ass.”

She also left the following comment for all MMA fans: “I just want to tell everyone in the MMA world that Kurt Angle in MMA… it’s Game on, he’s ready.