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According to Nogueira’s trainer, Sylvia Cheated

Luiz Alves, the muy thai trainer for Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, was recently interviewed by the Brazilian news site and has made some interesting remarks concerning “Big Nog’s” recent victory over Tim Sylvia. Alvez made the claim during his interview that “the Americans” were using baby cream which would not become slippery until it came in contact with sweat.

Noguiera pulled out what has become his trademark style in that he lost the first several minutes of his UFC 81 Interim Title match en route to an impressive finish by guillotine choke mid-way through the third round. This fight displayed not only Nogueira’s toughness but also Tim Sylvia’s skill in that he dominated the early goings of the fight.

If his claims are valid it will be interesting to see what course of action the UFC will take to punish this sort of behavior, or to prevent this sort of foul from being committed in the future.