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Randy Couture: "You tell me who’s right or wrong."

As first reported here (link) exclusively at, Zuffa has filed for an injunction hearing against Randy Couture which will be held in March. MMA Weekly caught up with Couture to discuss the impending legal battle.

Couture On The Lawsuit Brought By The UFC:

It’s unfortunate that things have kind of degraded to that point. I’m sure that’s part of their ploy, to force me to spend enough money that I’ll have to come back and fight for them, which isn’t the case. I’ve got a very good team of lawyers. I think we’ll basically have to get a declaration from the state of Nevada on what they interpret the contract as, but the way I see it, the contract is up in July.

Couture On His Contract Status:

They didn’t force me to breach of contract in any way. I simply stated the position I’m in as far as fighting, which is to wait my fight contract out, find a way to make the Fedor fight happen myself. I’m not worried about clearing my name, I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m simply wanting to pursue the profession that I’m in, which is fighting. And they’re trying to prevent me from doing that, so you tell me who’s wrong or right?

Couture On The UFC’s Retaliation Against Him:

Like trying to ban my clothing line, and things like that that don’t really hurt me, they just hurt the athletes that we sponsor. We sponsor some 35 athletes with that clothing line, and give back to the sport in every way we can. We’re already in Nordstrom’s and Macy’s and all the big outlets, so it just takes away from money that the athletes are getting from their sponsorships. It’s kind of stupid.

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