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Ken Shamrock speaks about fighting his brother Frank

One of the hot topics over the last month in the world of MMA has been the rumored fight between brothers Ken and Frank Shamrock. Both fighters are pioneers of the sport as they appeared in the early days of the UFC before ZUFFA purchased it and turned it into the biggest organization today. Both are superstars in the own right when it comes to fighting, but now they are putting that all aside and making history. It’ll be the first ever brother vs. brother fight in MMA. In a recent interview which can be seen below Ken said,

“this fight is about Frank coming of age and Ken Shamrock putting his little brother back where he belongs, [as] little brother”.The motivation behind it according to Ken isn’t anything bad at all, they just want to make history and make money, “I’ve fought many many guys, I mean I’ve fought everywhere in the world. I made a lot of people a lot of money fighting with me. Why not I make my brother money?”

No word yet on when the fight is going to take place, but the rumors are that it’ll be sometime late in 2008 or early in 2009 as Frank is going to be fighting Cung Le in March 29th on the Strikeforce card.