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Big Nog Calls Out Randy Couture

Dana White has been adamant about Randy Couture upholding his contract and coming back to give Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira the same opportunity that was afforded him by then champion Tim Sylvia.

“I expect Captain America (Couture) to step up to the plate and give Nogueira the chance to win the title,” White said at the UFC 81 post fight press conference. “Couture was knocked out twice by (Chuck) Liddell. Then, he called me and asked for the heavyweight title shot. I gave it to him. Now, it’s his turn to return the favor.”

Nogueira agrees with White.

“Today I got the belt. I deserve a chance to fight Couture,” said Nogueira.

A fight between the two grappling savants would be a treat for MMA fans around the world, but it appears that Couture only has one fight left on his mind. He has stated repeatedly that he only wants a fight with Fedor Emelienenko and that he will not come back to the UFC to fight anyone else.