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Takanori Gomi: "By watching UFC on NYE, I felt the MMA boom had ended"

Takanori Gomi, who had recently been courted by the UFC, choose not to sign with MMA preeminent organization instead he decided to sign with World Victory Road a new MMA organization out of Japan. Gomi gives the reasons for this decision in his personal blog:

I have an announcement to make. I have been taking a break for a long time, but now I’ve decided to come back to the ring.

Last year, I didn’t fight, had no goals, and was not even sure if I wanted to fight. I know my fans were longing to see me fight, but I couldn’t respond to their expectations. I don’t like to be influenced by anyone when I make a decision, such as where and when I fight.

I’ve been training with my students and focused on my roots. Sometimes, I felt lazy and did nothing. I had a hard time because I was irritated and didn’t know what to do. It was not meaningless but a valuable year for me. The year of 2008 just started and I’m enjoying training such as boxing and wrestling. I’m refreshed and even feel like I’m new in MMA.

I had several choices about where I fight next. Though I believe my fans have their opinions and hopes about my next stage, I decided to fight in the Sengoku. I can trust them as a fighter.

I’m preparing for my next fight on Mar 05. I will be the best condition physically and mentally. I hope many people come and enjoy this new event, and I look forward to starting a new life as an MMA fighter in the new event.

Comments taken from Gomi’s press conferences below as well as the translation of his blog update above are provided by SukiMMA:

“I would like to deliver a fight which has more impact than before.”

“By watching UFC on NYE, I felt the MMA boom for the past 10 years had ended. I felt I wanted make a new start and I confirmed that a new event is where I fight next.”

“Fighting outside of Japan attracts me, but I decided to fight close to most of my fans.”