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Randy Couture Makes His Predictions For UFC 81: Breaking Point

Randy Couture has a habit of picking upsets and seems to have a very good track record overall when it comes to fight predictions. Here are THE NATURAL PICKS: UFC 81 brought to your courtesy of The Fight Network:

INTERIM HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Tim Sylvia (26-3) vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (30-4-1) – Sylvia

“I think Tim will tire Nogueira out on his feet. I think Nogueira’s going to have trouble putting him on the ground and maneuvering Sylvia into his strength, which is his submission game. I can see it going a third-round KO, but I could also see it going the distance and Nogueira getting a beating.”

HEAVYWEIGHT: Frank Mir (10-3) vs. Brock Lesnar (1-0) – Mir

“I’m going with Mir with a second-round submission. As big and strong as Lesnar is, and as hard as he’s going to come, I think he’s going to put Mir right where he wants to be and Lesnar’s going to get out of position and get caught.”

MIDDLEWEIGHT: Jeremy Horn (88-16-5) vs. Nate Marquardt (28-7-1) – Marquardt

“I’m going to go with Marquardt. Jeremy hasn’t really been the same since the Liddell fight. I think he realized he’s not infallible and can be hurt. Taking the fight on short notice probably isn’t the wisest thing. Marquardt is strong for that weight class and hits hard. I think Horn’s going to have trouble taking Marquardt down to find a wily way to submit him.”

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