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Shogun : "I will avenge Wanderlei’s loss"

In an interview with Brazilian news service TATAME, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua, has confirmed a fight with UFC superstar Chuck Liddell. He went on to say that he plans on training with former Chute Boxe team member Wanderlei Silva in America, and also that he plans to avenge Silva’s UFC 79 loss to Liddell.

About Liddell and the fight, Shogun says this, “He has a very good Boxing and Wrestling. Liddell works his stand up game more, so sometimes can be a mistake stay trying to put him down, because it claims too much strength. I still going to set the best strategy with Alejo Morales, my brother and the rest of the team, but I can fight in stand up game with him with out problems and win this fight in stand up game.”