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Joe Rogan on Lesnar: "They had to make special gloves for this freak."

Joe Rogan was recently a guest on Xtreme Disorder, a Las Vegas radio show. Rogan expressed his thoughts on this Saturday’s UFC 81 which will feature Brock Lesnar, a former WWE Superstar and collegiate wrestling standout, making his UFC debut against former Heavyweight Champion, Frank Mir.

“It’s an interesting match up because both guys have big question marks. You know, Frank Mir, there’s a bunch of questions on his, you know, recuperation from his motorcycle injury. Is he really 100%?” Rogan also discussed Mir’s dedication to the sport. “Mir is a very talented fighter, very physically gifted, he’s got tremendous jiu-jitsu, very intelligent guy, but, his dedication, you know, for being a professional fighter, has been questioned…” Rogan added, “I’m a big Frank Mir fan, but I think if Frank Mir really wants to be an MMA fighter, he needs to be just an MMA fighter, he can’t be a bouncer at the Spearmint Rhino, slash MMA fighter…”

“On the other hand, you’ve got a guy who was at one point in time a champion NCAA All–American wrestler who really has been doing fake wrestling for the last like, you know, 5 or 6 years… Can he take a punch? Can he strike? Does he have any submission defense? So many question marks, I mean, Lesnar only has one MMA fight.”

“Here’s one freaky fact about Brock Lesnar. He’s the only fighter in the history of the UFC, (his) hands are too big for the Double XL gloves. They had to make special gloves for this freak… How about getting hit by one of those canned hams?”

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