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Chuck Liddell On His Next Fight: "Mauricio Shogun Rua"

Chuck Liddell sat down with to discuss possible upcoming opponents, give his take on Boxing vs. MMA, discuss the debut of Brock Lesnar and much more.

Liddell On His Next Opponent:

Possibly Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. That’s what they’re saying. If it’s the June fight, it will probably be in London. But my trainer is trying to get it moved to Vegas. Too far.

Liddell On Rampage Jackson:

Rampage [Quinton Jackson, who defeated Liddell last summer.] I want that fight again. I want to fight the best guys. I’ve always asked for the best. I’m not calling guys out, but I say, ‘This is the guy people think is better than me. I want him.’ Quinton Jackson right now is that guy. I really want to beat him. I think he’s a great guy, but I sill want to kill him.

Liddell On Tito Ortiz:

I will beat him up any time someone is willing to pay for it. Every one out of three people ask, ‘When are you going to beat up Tito again?’ People like seeing him get beat up, that’s all. He’d have to make a run of a few wins, but that’s not even an interesting fight for me. There’s nothing he can do to me.

Liddell On Keith Jardine:

I would like to show that was a fluke, I had an off night.

Liddell On Wanderlei Silva:

If he puts together a couple wins. That was an exciting fight. But it would have to be for a title. I’ll fight him anywhere. I’ll fight him right here in this bar if you get somebody to pay for it. They’re making a big deal of [cage versus ring], but that’s an excuse because all the PRIDE guys are losing. I had someone say to me the reason Wanderlei Silva lost to me was because he couldn’t do soccer kicks. Really? When exactly was he going to soccer-kick me in that fight?

Liddell On Brock Lesnar:

Liddell: You know, I haven’t seen him. He was a great college wrestler and then a WWE guy. If he thinks he can come in as a college wrestler and win, it isn’t going to happen. But sounds as though, from his interview, like he’s been doing the cross-training, the jiu-jitsu. He’s athletic, big, a good wrestler. He could be dangerous. But you know, a lot of habits from wrestling don’t always transfer over.

Liddell On Fighting Guys Outside Of The Octagon:

You know, I’ve had guys take swings at me. You know what I do? I [kid] you not: I grab their arm, I put my arm around them, pull them up to the bar. I say, ‘I’m going to buy you a shot. We’re going to relax. I’m going to give you my number. You can call me tomorrow if you really still want to fight. We cool? I’m going to let go of your arm now. Take another swing and I’m gonna drop you. Cool?’ By the next day hopefully he’s like, ‘I don’t think I should [mess] with him.’

Look at me. I don’t look too nice. The guys who get into trouble are the smaller fighters. Some guy sees them and says, ‘Aw I don’t think he’s all that tough.’

Liddell On Boxing Vs. MMA:

Boxing lost out because they never built guys up. If I’ve been watching a guy for years, I’m going to buy that pay-per-view. You see the fights you want to see. If there’s an obvious fight in UFC, it’s probably going to happen with a year.

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