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Josh Burkman On Mike Swick: "Swick realized he was not the better fighter."

The following is a post made by Josh Burkman on his personal myspace page:

“I was ready for a war and so was Swick. I saw it in his eyes at the press conference, weigh-ins and the staredown I thought it would be a war! But when the fight started Swick realized he was not the better fighter… he was in there with a better fighter than he prepared for. Half way through the first round that look he had was gone and he wanted out! He wasn’t in there to fight after the first round, I took it from him and we both know it. He’s still trying to figure out what happened, but sometimes you forget things when you’re scared! After the first he knew I was there to fight and He wanted no part of it! When I would get a hold of him he would just hold on cause he felt safe there… I probably should have backed of the takedowns and clinch but I felt i was in control of the fight and that it was obvious. 2 criteria’s for judging are aggressiveness and Octagon control. When did you start getting as point for good defense! I stood in the center most of the second round just to prove a point. Maybe it would have been better received if i would have called him on, but that’s not my style. I felt if he didn’t want to fight I could at least throw some kicks and some other crazy stuff to show I was there to fight or maybe it would get him to engage… I guess I was wrong.”