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Frank Mir: "I feel I am pretty much fully recovered now."

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir will face off against highly touted amateur and professional wrestler turned mma prospect Brock Lesnar this Saturday at UFC 81.

Mir took time out of his training schedule to sit down with Planet Tatami to discuss a variety of issues including the horrific motorcycle accident that he suffered, his upcoming fight with Brock Lesnar and his future in the sport.

Frank Mir On His Motorcycle Accident:

The accident absolutely affected my game. The broken leg required a massive pin in my femur and I also blew several ligaments in my knee too. I feel I am pretty much fully recovered now.

Mir On Lesnar And The Difference In Weight:

We are only going to be about 20lbs apart I think so although its an issue it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. I am a jiu jitsu guy and I don’t totally rely on my strength so although it will be something to deal with if I can isolate a limb or joint we will see what happens. I have also brought in some of the top wrestlers in the world to train as well.

Frank Mir On His Future:

I recently signed a new contract with the UFC so I here to stay for the next couple of years. I have no intentions on leaving or looking elsewhere. I am from Las Vegas and the people at the UFC take extremely good care of me right from the people on the front lines at the office including Shawn, Donna Spaulding, Mike Mersch, Jennifer Wenk, right up to Dana White and Lorenzo Fertita. There is no reason for me to look elsewhere.