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A look at the stacked UFC 82 card

To date, the rumored card for UFC 82 looks stellar. With the addition of Andrei Arlovski to the card, there are eight top ten fighters rumored to be on the card. Eight top ten fighters on a single card? That’s right! The UFC is finally taking advantage of it’s newly found talent, and is seemingly attempting to stack UFC 82.

Or are they?

Even though there are in fact several top notch fighters on this card, only two of them are actually fighting each other (Silva vs. Henderson). The rest of the card features top contenders pitted against fighters such as Dustin Hazlett, David Bielkheden, and Chris Wilson; all of whom are good fighters, but lack name recognition and shouldn’t pose a serious threat to their adversaries. So one can’t help but wonder, is UFC 82, really that good? March 1st can’t come soon enough.