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Exclusive Interview: Kendall Grove on His Loss to Rivera

Kendall Grove is one of the UFC’s most popular Middleweight fighters. After defeating Ed Herman in the Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale, Grove defeated quality opponents — Chris Price and Alan Belcher. Grove then lost his next 2 matches against Patrick Cote in UFC 74 and Jorge Rivera in UFC 80.

Grove was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to speak with about his loss to Rivera, his thoughts on a rematch and his plans for the future. Kendall, I would like to thank you for taking the opportunity to talk with It is my understanding that you have just returned to the United States from your fight at UFC 80 where you lost to Jorge Rivera. What are you thoughts on the fight?

Grove: Sucks. Especially coming off two losses. I need to keep my head up, move on, and train harder, that is all I can do. Looking back, would you have done anything differently to train for the fight?

Grove: No I trained hard. I would have been more aggressive during the fight. Do you think Jorge Rivera landed a lucky shot?

Grove: There are no lucky shots in MMA only unlucky fighters. You have said before that you have to cut weight in order to reach 185. What is your normal “walking around” weight?

Grove: 200-205 Do you think the weight cut impacts your strength during a fight?

Grove: No, it never has. Have you considered moving up to light heavyweight?

Grove: No While overseas, did you see any sites? What did you do after the fight?

Grove: I went to Amsterdam for a couple of days and relaxed with my cousin and Rude boy. We took a lot of pictures of the sites in Amsterdam. What do you plan on doing over the next few weeks?

Grove: Train in BJJ and my first day was today. Hopefully do a Nogi and Gi tournament before my next fight. Who would you like to fight next?

Grove: Don’t Know Would you like a rematch with Jorge or Patrick Cote?

Grove: No Who are your favorite fighters and why?

Grove: Anderson Silva- He looks like a painter painting a picture when he is fighting. BJ Penn- He is the baddest on earth and is from Hawaii – we represent the same thing. Who do you pick in the BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk matchup?

Grove: BJ Penn Who wins the Lyoto Machida vs. Ortiz match?

Grove: Tito Ortiz second round ground and pound Do you have any information on when the UFC might be coming to Hawaii?

Grove: End of 2008 or beginning of 2009 Would you like to plug any sponsors?

Grove: Punishment Athletics, Mickey’s Malt Liquor,, Resurrect, and Cryogel. Finally, any last thoughts for your fans?

Grove: Thanks to my fans for sticking by me even after two losses. Thank you! Thanks, Kendall. I appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you fight in the future.