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Tito Ortiz: "I want someone who’s going to put me in front."

Tito Ortiz sat down with Mauro Ranallo of Fight Network Radio to discuss his future and had some interesting things to say.

“I think I’m just going to finish this last fight and sit back,” said Ortiz. “You know, I’ll be a free agent for the first time in my career and there’s a lot of other bigger companies that are out and about and I want someone that’s going to push me in front, you know, in the very beginning of the UFC, I was the flag bearer. I was the person out doing the interviews and showing how good of a sport it is. Now all of a sudden, I’m not. I watched the, not last UFC, but the UFC prior and there was no pictures of me at all. They said that Light Heavyweight title range of all these competitors and my picture wasn’t shown with any of the light heavyweights. So it kind of showed that they’re just trying to phase me out.”