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Xyience out, Harley Davidson in for UFC Sponsorship

Add Xyience to Amp’d Mobile as a major UFC sponsor that has gone bankrupt. As reported earlier this week, Xyience, which had been pushed heavily for years by UFC during their events and in The Ultimate Fighter show, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 18 (for the full article, click here).

However, while UFC has lost Xyience as a major sponsor, they have added Harley-Davidson which is their biggest brand name sponsor to date.

Harley-Davidson started sponsoring UFC at UFC 79 on December 29, 2007 and now will also be sponsoring WEC. The Harley-Davidson logo will replace the Xyience logo that is in the center of the ring for both UFC and WEC, and ads for Harley-Davidson will replace the Xyience ads at the weigh-ins.

This is the first sports sponsorship that doesn’t pertain to racing for the motorcycle giant. Harley-Davidson is trying to reach a younger male audience, which the UFC delivers.