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Ricco Rodriguez On Kimbo Slice: "He’s a dancing monkey."

Ricco Rodriguez had some choice words for Kimbo Slice in an interview he did recently on Tagg Radio.

“Kimbo Slice is a tomato can to me, and he’ll always be a tomato can to me,” said Rodriguez. The reality is, what has he done to prove himself? He hasn’t fought anybody. So, to me, he’s nobody.. There’s so many other athletes out there that have better skill… There are other top contenders right now. Kimbo Slice to me is just a clown… He’s a dancing monkey. You put him against a guy like Ken Shamrock; Ken’s going to run right through the guy. He beat up Ray Mercer? Ray Mercer never wrestled a day in his life.”

Rodriguez is set to fight Antonio Silva on Feb 16 as part of an under card featuring the aforementioned Slice taking on MMA legend Tank Abbott.