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UFC 80 : Rapid Fire Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of UFC 80: Rapid Fire. We will have basic coverage of the preliminary fights and detailed round by round coverage of the PPV fights. Make sure to keep refreshing this page to get the most recent results.

The preliminary fights are up first (not shown on PPV). We will give quick match results for the undercard below:


Preliminary Card:

-Sam Stout def. Per Eklund via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-27) after 3 Rounds.

-Alessio Sakara def. James Lee via TKO (strikes) at 1:30 of Round 1.

-Paul Kelly def. Paul Taylor via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

-Antoni Hardonk def. Colin Robinson via TKO (ref stoppage) at 0:17 of Round 1.

Main Card

-Jorge Rivera def. Kendall Grove via KO (punch) at 1:20 of Round 1

-Wilson Gouveia def. Jason Lambert via KO (punch) at 0:37 of Round 2

-Marcus Davis def. Jess Liaudin via KO (punch) at 1:04 of Round 1

-Fabricio Werdum def. Gabriel Gonzaga via TKO at 4:34 of Round 2

-B.J. Penn def. Joe Stevenson Via submission (rear naked choke) in Round 2

Pay Per View Live Round-by-Round Coverage:

Fight #1:
-Kendall Grove vs. Jorge Rivera

Round 1: Big right landed by Rivera and into a takedown. Rivera is on top lands some big rights from top position. Gets Grove’s back and lands some huge shots as Grove stands up. Rivera continues to land big from behind Grove. Grove is in big trouble here. Big left floors Grove. This fight is over. Grove is out. Rivera by KO.

Fight #2:
-Jason Lambert vs. Wilson Gouveia

Round 1: Lambert comes out very aggressive takes Gouveia down and gets top positions after defending against a guillotine attempt. Lambert lands a couple nice blows but Gouveia is defending very well from the bottom. Lambert postures up and lands some nice shots. Gouveia trips Lambert and gets up. Gouveia goes for another guillotine and ends up on his back. Lambert lands some nice shots and gets cought in a triangle. Lambert slams Gouveia a few times and gets out. He gets Gouveia on his back again and continues to pound. Gouveia is still defending well. But Lambert is getting some shots in and controlling this fight. Some nice elbows from Lambert. I scored this round for Lambert 10-9. Pretty decisive.

Round 2: Nice right by Gouveia. Lambert pushes him into the fence. Huge left hook from Gouveia. Lamert goes down! He’s out before he hits the ground. This fight is over! Gouveia by KO

Fight #3:
-Marcus Davis vs. Jess Liaudin

Round 1: Liaudin lands some nice leg kicks. Davis comes in and lands a nice right. Liaudin goes back to the leg kicks. Davis lands a huge left as Liaudin goes for another leg kick. Liaudin goes down and Davis hits him with a huge right. Liaudin is out! Davis by KO.

Fight #4:
-Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Fabricio Werdum In Progress…

Round 1: Gonzaga takes Werdum down right away and the two battle for position. Gonzaga stands up and lets Werdum stand up as well. Gonzaga lands a few nice leg kicks. Gonzaga lands a huge leg kick and Werdum goes down. Gonzaga lets him up. And lands two more. Werdum goes down again and Werdum goes down. Now Gonzaga goes for a head kick and misses. Werdum capitalizes and takes Gonzaga down. Werdum lands some nice punches from the top as well as some really nice elbows. Gonzaga goes for a knee bar and Werdum defends until the bell. I had that round 10-9 for Gonzaga on the strength of the leg kicks.

Round 2: Werdum comes out with a nice straight kick and lands a few punches. Goes for a takedown and is stuffed. The two exchange kicks at center cage. Gonzaga catches a Werdum kick and throws him to the ground, but lets him up. Gonzaga wants to keep this on the feet where he’s had an advantage. Werdum lands two solid knees. Now another. Very solid blows from Werdum. Now Werdum lands with his hands. The tide appears to have turned in this round. Werdum has Gonzaga pinned against the cage and his landing heavy blows. Gonzaga is in big trouble. The referee stops the fight. Werdum by TKO.

Fight #5:
-B.J. Penn vs. Joe Stevenson (UFC LW Title) In Progress…

Round 1: BJ Penn Comes Out very strong landing huge shots and Stevenson goes down. Now Penn comes out in top position and is controlling position. Penn moves Stevenson against the cage and has side control. Penn takes Stevenson’s back and now mounts him. Penn lands some big shots again. Stevenson is just trying to whether the storm. Penn is totally controlling this fight. Stevenson strikes effectively from the bottom. Now he lands some nice elbows on Penn. Penn cuts Stevenson with a huge elbow. Blood is everywhere. Stevenson’s face is a bloody mess. Looks like the cuts on the forehead. Penn takes that round 10-9. Dominant round for Penn.

Round 2: That cut is nasty as the two men come out for round 2. Stevenson comes out strong. BJ lands some nice shots and Stevenson answers with a big elbow. The two stand toe to toe at center ring. Penn lands a big hook that rocks Stevenson, but Stevenson comes back with a few punches of his own. Nice right from Stevenson. Time out called because of the cut. There is blood all over Stevenson. Now they continue. Penn lands a series of huge blows and takes Stevenson down. Penn has Stevenson in the mount and is teeing off. Stevenson is actually defending well. All the blood is making things really slippery. Now BJ takes Stevenson’s back. He’s going for a choke. It’s deep. Stevenson taps. Dominant performance for Penn, though Stevenson shows a lot of heart. Very exciting fight. BJ Penn by submission (rear naked choke).