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Kim Couture, Wife Of UFC Legend Randy Couture, Set To Make MMA Debut

Kim Couture, the wife of UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture, will make her MMA debut next month against an unnamed female opponent from Vancouver, Washington. Couture has trained for years at Xtreme Couture and will take part in a “smoker” event at the gym in Las Vegas on February 23.

Couture commented on next months fight during a segment on HDnet’s “Inside MMA”.

“Once Gina Carano started at the gym, I had another female to grapple with and someone more of my weight class to roll around with, so I had started having thoughts of taking it to the next level,” said Couture. “When you’re practicing anything, you kind of always want to see how you’d compete against somebody else that maybe you don’t know or don’t train with all the time.“

She also addressed her intentions for her MMA career.

“It’s not a priority for me to get attention or put myself out there to be the next Gina Carano,” she said. “It’s a good stress reliever for me… When I work all day, it’s nice to get out there and punch something.“