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Nate Diaz On Manny Gamburyan: "I’ll be happy to fight him again."

Nate Diaz is preparing to face Alvin Robinson at UFC Fight Night 12 this Wednesday in Las Vegas. He took some time out recently to speak with and touched briefly on a few topics. Below are some of the highlights:

Diaz On Alvin Robinson:

I’m sure he’s tough. Everybody’s kinda tough these days and I’m not under estimating him. I’ve only seen a couple of his fights so we’ll see when I get in there.

Diaz On Manny Gamburyan:

You know up until now I’ve tried to be respectful about him since we were on the same team and everything but he’s making it hard for me to be that way. He must have forgotten how our training sessions went in the house. I can tell you I wasn’t the one getting tapped out and socked up the whole time but if he’s still holding a grudge and wants to fight me again than let him beat some guys and work his way back up. He’ll also need to get that operation so he can’t use that as an excuse again. If he can do that I’ll be happy to fight him again.