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Dan Henderson On Anderson Silva: He’s never fought anyone like me in that clinch…that’s my home.

Dan Henderson is preparing to meet Anderson Silva for the UFC championship at UFC 82 on March 1st in Columbus, Ohio. He took some time out from training recently to sit down with MMAMadness and discuss his loss to Rampage, his decision to drop to middleweight, and his thoughts on Anderson Silva.

Henderson On Dropping To Middleweight:

Well, I was a little bit hesitant at first, but the more I thought about it and the more I talked to Dana, I realized how excited I was for this fight. Dana wanted me to drop down for a while too so it made sense. Anderson Silva is a big challenge for me and these are the kind of fights I like to take. I’ll be staying at 185 for a while but I definitely have plans to go back to 205 at some point in my career.

Henderson On What He’d Do Differently If Given The Opportunity To Face Rampage Again:

I would definitely be a little more aggressive on my feet and on top. I definitely think I made some mistakes and I’m still making adjustments to fix what I did wrong and get used to the cage. I can tell you that I wouldn’t lose to him again.

Henderson On Matching Up With Silva:

I think for sure that I’m a bad match up for him. His strength is his striking and he’s technical, but he likes to get into that clinch which is another strength of his. But he’s never fought anyone like me in that clinch and he won’t be used to that. That’s where I want to be. That’s my home.

Henderson On His Affiliation With Team Quest:

I’m still technically with Team Quest. Randy is the one who left. I opened up another Team Quest gym in California. We have a great training situation with lots of fighters and organized practices. We’ve got great strikers, great wrestlers, and great jiu-jitsu guys. Everyone contributes knowledge, we work on technique and it’s just great. Matt and I still own Team Quest together and we’re looking on opening more gyms soon.

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