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Corey Hill: "We’re looking for me to be the Anderson Silva of the lightweights."

Cory Hill is set to face Joe Veres on January 23 at UFC Fight Night 12. He recently sat down with to discuss this upcoming match up, his shady tactics to make the TUF 5 cut, and his enormous potential in the lightweight division.

Hill On The Pressure He Feels From Training At MFS And Comments Made By Miletich That He Could Be A Champion In 2 Years:

Just to be in the UFC alone is pressure, but I wouldn’t say it’s any extra pressure. Pat Miletich is a great guy, and he’s one of the people that really gave me confidence. He puts pressure on me by saying ‘with your ability and your talent, we expect this from you,’ but I look at it as a positive thing and as a motivational tool. I’m the type of guy who says ‘put the pressure on me and I’ll run with it.’

Hill On Falsifying His Fight Record To Get A Spot On TUF 5:

Obviously I falsified my record a little bit, but other than that, I wouldn’t say I fooled anybody. I went down there with the rest of those 700 guys (for the TUF5 tryouts), I stood in line like everybody else, and I think (UFC President) Dana (White) saw something in me being 6 foot 4 – you don’t see too many 6-4 lightweights out there. Plus, I had a pretty solid wrestling background, being a national junior college champion and runner-up, so I kinda had a ground game, I just didn’t know what to do with it. (Laughs) But I knew that alone wasn’t gonna get me on there and that they wanted someone with a little more experience, and that’s where the record falsification came in. I talked to Dana and that was the first time that I met him – I didn’t even know who he was – and he said ‘what’s your record’ and I’m like ‘8-0.’ I don’t know why but that number just popped in my head. It was one of those things where the moment I said it, I was like ‘why did you say that?’ I knew I had no way to back it up or prove it.

Hill On His Upcoming Fight Vs. Joe Veres:

I try to find the positives in every situation, so instead of looking at it as frustrating, I see it as me having more time to train. It’s like I’ve been training for this fight with Joe Veres since I left the show. I’ve been training almost a year for this fight, and its more time for me to get ready and focus and get with a great camp.

Hill On Staying At Lightweight:

All my life, I was a light guy, and I had hit a point once where I wanted to lift weights, bulk up and be a big guy because I was tired of being skinny, but for once in my life being skinny kinda worked in my favor. I walk around at about 160-162, so I’m gonna be at 155 for a while. I think I’m done growing, so what you see is what you get, and while I see why those guys at 155 would like for me to grow and move up, I’m staying down there with them.

Hill On His Potential:

After that loss to Nate, it kinda hit me. Here I am coming out of nowhere and I held my own with the guys on the show pretty well. I’m a realistic person and I know what I put in before the show and it was maybe three months. I just hope that the fans see the potential we see down here in Iowa. I want them to see the explosiveness of this new threat in the lightweight division. There are a lot of great guys out there and I’m still far away from where we’re trying to go, but we’re looking for me to be the Anderson Silva of the lightweights. There’s not that standout, terrible guy that everybody’s afraid of, and I essentially want to be that guy.

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